Documents to be digitized are identified and organized. Documents with poor quality are marked beforehand to inform users that it is of that quality prior to scanning. Meanwhile, damaged documents will be repaired. Once a document is beyond repair, it will be copied to preserve the original.


Once the documents are sorted, the documents are fed to a scanner in batches, with separator sheets in between them for the machine to distinguish in between groups of documents. After scanning, documents are secured and logged in under lock and key.

Image Enhancement

We ensure readability of the digitized documents through the image enhancement process. By enhancing the document, we increase the suitability of the document for further use and analysis.

Image Quality Assurance

We guanrantee image quality of the documents with the process of "cleaning" the documents. This involves reducing file size, straightening, de-speckling, de-skewing, and removing background noise, among other cleaning processes.


Captured documents are categorized for easy searching and locating using optical character recognition (OCR) or intelligent character recognition (ICR). OCR and ICR are used to convert captured documents into searchable text. Search terms are customized according to client specifications.

Index Validation

In this process, we ensure that the data collected are correctly catalogued and can be searched appropriately.


Physical documents that are already captured are returned to the client. Documents are integrated and logged into existing solutions.

Document Release

Once validated, captured documents are integrated with the client's existing database or document management system.