Enadoc 365 Legal

Enadoc 365 Legal

Enadoc 365 | Legal is an easy-to-use document management solution that empowers legal professionals to manage their practice effectively. Move to new levels of productivity by simplifying tedious client paperwork, provide real time access to case matter and knowledge resources, monitor case progress, and collaborate securely 24/7.

It ties in three innovative technologies to aid legal services:

Microsoft 365

a holistic productivity suite that includes familiar Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), advanced threat protection for both internal and external users, and device and content management for various types of devices.


a business analytics service that harnesses collated data to create coherent and interactive insights through an easy-to-use visualization dashboard.


an innovative, cloud-based document management system for file access and storage, data security and compliance, workflow automation, and disaster-proofing and backup.

Enadoc 365 Legal can do

  • Contracts management and record management
  • Internal review and approval
  • Contract collaboration and negotiation
  • Contract signing
  • Contract termination and renewal


  • Built-in digital signatures
  • All-in-one portal for client, case, team, and contracts management along with an organized library for document access and dashboard for analytics.
  • Subscription-based pricing model​
  • Cost-effective solution ​
  • Time-bound activities to boost productivity

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