What is Enadoc?

Enadoc is a mobile-ready document management system that allows you to manage your documents securely on cloud and transition to a paperless environment.

Why Use Enadoc?


There are multiple ways on how you can find your document in Enadoc.

Tag Cloud

It’s the visual representation of keywords related to your document. Under it, there are 4 different sub-categories:


Smart Tags

Keywords intrinsic to your document. 

Library Tags

 Tags that are department or category specific. 


Reference Tag

Predefined tags to help identify the document. 


User Tag

Highly editable tags that can be modified by the user. 


Document Search and Retrieval

  • Full-Text Search – Search within contents of a document
  • Advance Search – Searching a document in a specific library
  • Enterprise Search – Search throughout the whole system

Cognitive Search

This enables the tool to intelligently recommend search results based on keywords. 

Smart Search Extension for Browsers

It allows you to search a document through search engine.

Compliance and Business Continuity

This refers to the government mandated policy stating that companies should be able to retain their documents for at least 10 years.

Backup and Recovery

Enadoc has document back-up and recovery features. With a document management system in place, rest assured that all your business files are stored safely and is backed up securely.


Tag Cloud

A visual representation of all tags and keywords associated with documents, simplifying the whole document indexing and searching process.  

We are proud to be the only solution to utilize this feature in the field of document management. It comes in 4 different categories: 

Smart Tags

Library Tags

Reference Tags

User Tags


We level up business with more efficient teamwork. Do more for your business with increased collaboration and productivity. Easily share files and integrate with your company’s existing applications.  

Get the following benefits for your organization:  

Organize and Search Easily

Index documents using manual or automated methods. Organizing documents is easy with the option to manually or automatically assign tags or keywords on each document.

Access Files Anywhere

Access files anywhere, anytime with the cloud. Depending on your subscription, gain access to important documents instantly from your web browser using any device.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Easily share documents with colleagues, clients, and partners. With Enadoc, you can print, download, or email documents without making copies or sending attachments.

Save Time and Be More Productive

Save time by focusing on more important business processes. Increase employee productivity and lower cost by doing more for your business.

Integrate with Existing Software

Enadoc easily integrates with existing office applications such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, and other legacy applications using XML and web-based services. Search documents using the interface of existing applications without logging in to Enadoc.

Enadoc can further integrate with other systems to facilitate a more efficient document management system:

  • Capture Software

    Enadoc can integrate with Kofax, an advanced capture solution to accelerate business processes by collecting documents and forms and transforming these into accurate, retrievable information. The Enadoc team has utilized different Kofax products in projects where customers have complex and advanced document capture requirements such as distributed capture, OCR/ICR recognition requierments, and process automation requirements.

  • Microsoft SharePoint

    Enadoc has implemented many successful SharePoint solutions for organizations that want to integrate this functionality with the Enadoc software. The Enadoc team has accumulated a lot of experiences in delivering SharePoint services to many clients in different market segments including public, private, and NGOs.


We protect your documents wherever they go.  

Enadoc’s Hexagonal Security provides additional innovative features to Traditional Triangular Security when it comes to keeping company information secure from external and internal threats.

Document Redaction 

This feature allows the administrator to block a specific area of a document restricting other users to see the information.

Security Levels

The system allows users to make credential updates and create rule sets like having a password expiration.

Invisible and Visible Watermarks

Visible watermarks are placed on a document to discourage mobile capture or screenshots of confidential information. Invisible watermarks are encrypted codes linked to your document.

Document Security Encryption Technology

This feature uses blockchain technology which encrypts a unique code to your document.

Multi-factor Authentication

This is a feature wherein the system sends a code which you will be using to be able to successfully login to your account.

Document Permission

It refers to the ability of the key user to control the access of other users like viewing, editing, sharing, and printing of a document.

How it works


You will be provided with professional staff to assist and guide you through the whole set-up process.

Capture and Upload Documents

Scan bulks of documents or capture directly using Enadoc Capture. You may also upload from your local drive.


After capturing ad uploading, you may add tags to your documents for easy organization, search, and access.


After tags have been applied, your document can now be stored in the cloud, on-premise, or both.


Quickly find what you have uploaded using the tag cloud.

Capture and Upload

3 Ways to Upload Document in Enadoc

Scanners and Capture Devices

By using production grade scanner, you can directly upload scanned documents straight to Enadoc.

My Workspace

It’s an area in Enadoc which allows you to upload a document from your local drive. Through this function, you’ll be able to add indices or tags and save it to a library.

Enadoc 365

A mobile app available in iOs and Android. You can capture and store documents through your mobile phone, on the go.