Fastest way to build workflows + business process automation.

Flowdoh is a robotic process automation (RPA) platform that redefines organizational collaboration through optimized automated processes using a low-code workflow engine. This allows fast workflow building and business process automation without the costly and tedious procedures. 

Flowdoh primarily provides

Fully Integrated Document Management

Flowdoh fully integrates its own document management platform which serves as a secure vault for confidential information. Eliminate paper forms and easily digitize files from multiple sources: mobile, scanner, email. Comply with data privacy and international audit standards. Revise existing processes on the fly, and rapidly deploy new apps in hours.

Low Code Environment and Team Collaboration

No need to wait for days to build simple workflows and integrate into core applications.  Visualize, map, plan, and deploy processes through easy drag and drop. Collaborate across teams to build the perfect workflow for your business.

Data Analytics

Easily monitor initiated workflows, maintain audit trails, and derive insights from organizational processes built on Flowdoh.

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Seamlessly integrate with core business applications via connectors and API. Connect with essential office apps such as Office 365, SharePoint and Teams, G Suite, and do integrations with APIs.

Smooth Integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Do away with manual paperwork and approval processes. Launch best in class task management, approve workflow assignment directly in Microsoft Teams and Outlook, store transaction data in SharePoint lists for enterprise records management.


Guaranteed lowest total cost of ownership through this subscription-based model. Pay for only what you need.