Enadoc's Hexagonal Security provides additional innovate features to Traditional Triangular Security when it comes to keeping company information secure from external and internal threats.

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Active Security

Active Security is implemented to assign levels of access for certain users. In document management, this is done by assigning usernames and passwords and implementing role-based security.

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Passive Security

Passive Security helps prevent unauthorized access to information. In document management, this is done through systems encryption, which helps protect against external threats.

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Under document scope, you can assign access and action on documents. Certain documents may be labeled as "Cannot print or email," which restricts documents from unauthorized circulation. Multifactor authentication is used to protect and secure documents: be able to gain access through the approval of certain users, and be notified when an unauthorized action is being made to highly classified documents.

Documents are protected regardless of where it is stored using conversion of data into code. Decryption of the document is needed for access.

Certain portions of documents are blacked out according to document security level with Dynamic Redaction. Meanwhile, Dynamic Watermarking discourages users to screen capture or mobile capture from the computer screen.

Enadoc increased its document security to Level 7, one level higher compared with normal document class of Level 1 to 6. Documents with the security level of 7 will not be accessed by anyone at any time unless certain users have granted access in the defined time frame.

Each user of the system has an assigned level of access given by authorized users, which makes documents more secure. Internal leakage is prevented through active security.

Users can be enabled to access the system by assigning user names and passwords to authorized users.

Document lifecycle management

Each document or document class can have its own document lifecycle, based on the organizational business requirements. For example, financial records will be archived from the live system after seven years. The document lifecycle can be defined by the system administrators or super users.

Disaster recovery

Enadoc ensures that an organization's data is protected in case of disasters. Enadoc provides industry-standard disaster recovery features that meet compliance requirements.