Enadoc for HR

Today’s HR plays multiple roles in an organization, from doing administrative tasks to executing talent management. This presents the HR to various document types for archiving, both physical and electronic personnel files, which undergo a lifecycle:



Documents and records are acquired during HR procedures such as recruitment, acquiring third-party services, external invoicing, and many others


Once processed, paper files are scanned and stored on-premise or cloud storage for backup. Physical copies are kept in filing cabinets for immediate access.

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Retention and Disposal

Records of resigned employees are kept for a minimum of three (3) years for legal compliance before disposal. Other documentations such as resumes and disapproved proposals are disposed as needed.

Tending to these documents result to missing important tasks and strategic opportunities for HR.

Shift to a more efficient and strategic employee service with Enadoc for HR

Enadoc for HR is an all-in-one solution for modern businesses to supercharge Human Resource efforts by tying cloud technology, records management, and data analytics.

Store / Retrieve

Store and retrieve electronic personnel files fast and easy

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Optimize HR processes

Provide real-time employee services. Pull up data-driven reports in no time.

Ease of Integration

Integrates smoothly with existing HR systems and other productivity tools.

GDPR Compliance

Be GDPR and data privacy compliant.

The future of HR is digital! Transition smoothly with our seamless platform, Enadoc for HR.